Valentines Delivered


This year is a year of firsts, everything I do this year is new and different now that I have Wilfred attached to my hip, and that includes St Valentine’s Day. In an attempt to save money and partly because it’s near impossible to find a babysitter on this day we opted for a date-night in this year. We don’t even tend to go out normally for Valentines anyway but after having a baby it was a good excuse to make a little effort – you gotta grab any excuse and run with it!


Considering our ‘quiet nights in’ tend to involve falling asleep in front of rubbish TV after a gruelling baby bedtime routine we decided that the TV was not going on. The sad fact is most people now sit in front of the TV during meal times than converse across the dinner table. According to the Telegraph the average family will talk to each other for around 5 hours a week whereas they will sit and watch TV together for a minimum of 10 hours a week! I digress. The point was that it made such a difference switching it off, setting the table, playing some music and eating good food whilst discussing the day.



Sean and I are huge fans of the 50s and our house is already a collection of vintage items or up-cycled furniture. So to play on what was already there I pulled out the old-school floral table cloth, best vintage napkin rings put Johnny Cash on the record player and got to cooking a rich Beef Strogonoff for dinner – not forgetting some home-made bread for the table.

We were also grateful to have been delivered a package from ‘Love Drop UK to test. I’m pleased to say that it was a really fun idea to have our date night delivered to us. Ok so we provide the food and drink but it’s refreshing and exciting to open up a box not knowing what it holds. It’s not what everyone expects at all, yes it will contain 1 if not 2 items for the bedroom but we were pleasantly surprised with the rest of it. Gorgeous smelling candles, Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate from RAW Halo, Love notes, conversation topics, fun romantic games and date ideas.


The book of love notes, from Kutuu (retailing at £9) was a great way of complimenting each other or just leaving nice messages without the embarrassment of saying it out loud. Once we’d finished we could tie it all together with the ribbon to make a little pocket book as a keepsake.


Overall it was an exciting way to start the date, opening up this surprise box especially as Love Drop keep all contents a secret before ‘the drop’. It gently forces you as a couple to talk more, not just about the everyday but about why you are together in the first place. When does someone else plan a date night for you are your partner? Short of being given activities in some kind of couples therapy – never!



Sign up to Love Drop UK to receive your date night in a box, by paying a regular subscription you guarantee quality time with your loved one. Totally worth a try – you won’t regret it! By the time we were nodding off to sleep Wilfred, with his perfect timing, filled his nappy and woke with some volume. So, back to reality…



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