The Skinny Rebel Workout

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Who knew that doing something rather simple like a ‘Bear Crawl’ backwards could be so damn hard. As I struggle across the gym floor I hear the instructor shout ‘now go backwards’, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to suddenly tell my brain to reverse the exercise I was currently doing. I must look like a total idiot as I slowly force one leg back, then the other, “and don’t forget to move your arms” I’m shouting in my head!


Launched in September this year the 45 minute workout is offered with the addition of an altitude mask, the only workout in Europe to do so. It’s said that the altitude masks can help you burn up to 1000 calories in your 45 minute session! At this point I really don’t doubt that. I’m coated in a layer of sweat, I can’t seem to tell my body to do the most simple of motor skills and the breathing itself is tough enough alone! Dean however, one of the lovely guys that set up ‘Train Dirty London’ and was part of creating the Skinny Rebel Workout, was great at making me feel comfortable with the mask and reminding me that I can take it off at any time. I needed 5 minutes before we started to get used to the breathing. Imagine only being able to breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth – now imagine that you’re breathing in and out through a pin-hole. Ok, you got it.


If I thought the bear crawl was hard then the burpees really took the biscuit. By this point I’m a red-faced tomato that sounds somewhat like Darth Vader. I can barely stand straight between sets and I certainly can’t recover whilst breathing through this mask – I rip it off. It’s like I’ve just landed back on earth from some outer-space mission. I’m greedily gulping in this fresh, cool air like it’s the last air left. It’s heaven. Yet, before long I can’t help but start to feel guilty without my mask, so back on it goes for the final push of the session. Its hideous, thrilling and necessary all at the same time and if I lived nearby I would most certainly take part on a regular basis knowing that I would see such great results.


Dean, Train Dirty London

So when you walk into the luxurious Conrad London St James Hotel and pass through the beautiful lounges it’ll be tempting to just take a seat and order a glass of champagne instead. My advice…save it for later. What I loved about this workout was that besides doing something extremely physically demanding and downright unattractive you are surrounded in the opulence that is The Conrad London Hotel. After freshening up I did get that glass of champagne, my celebratory treat for surviving such an ordeal, and I soaked up the atmosphere of a busy working week day in central London. Whether it was the business meeting to my right or the girls afternoon tea to my left, The Conrad St James was a hive of activity but still totally relaxing as my heart finally settled back at its resting rate…

Skinny Rebel runs weekly at Conrad London St. James. It is for both guests of the hotel and non-hotel guests. Priced at £40 for one 45 minute session or £35 each for six sessions. To make a reservation, email:

*Watch out for my ‘Snow Queen Afternoon Tea’ experience at The Conrad London St James coming soon.

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  • Wow, this workout looks SO intense. Can’t imagine what it would be like to breathe through that tiny hole in the mask. I would like to try something like this, but it would feel very claustrophobic for me. So well done to complete the workout. :)

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