With a winter birthday I am constantly asked ‘What do you need?’ or ‘What do you want?’ over the Christmas period. The truth is once you’re a mum your priorities are naturally completely different. Any money we have left over we are looking at the Kids section in Next or paying for the new top […]


You may have noticed Miss Barlow’s ‘radio silence’, and if you have put two & two together you will have realised that I have finally had my ‘bundle of joy’…or ‘bundle of snot’ – it depends what mood you find me in. Yes, I have given birth to a bouncing baby boy, born at the end […]


Arriving at Common People this year was worlds away from my previous experiences, two kids in tow, a baby bump on my front and emergency snacks in my backpack – this was the first time I had arrived at a festival before midday. Luckily, what with this being such a family friendly festival, the atmosphere […]

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For us Southerners I think sometimes it’s easy to forget the quaint underrated towns that lie North of the capital, it’s easy to get waylaid flitting between the Cornish coast and the big smoke. I can’t believe that this was my first visit to this medieval city. The dreaded drive wasn’t even as bad as […]


So often I see and hear friends moaning about how they have kids now and they can’t do anything. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s just an excuse to avoid the small hassels of organising a trip away with children. I always knew that I would have children one day and can’t wait to be […]

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In less than a week I head to the beautiful city of York; according to BING the ‘Most’ beautiful city in the whole of the UK. Having never been I’ve only got my imagination and pictures from endless travel guides to paint some kind of picture of what I am to expect. There’s something I find so […]

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I arrived in Perth at 10:20pm on New Years Day. To say it was quiet is an understatement. I think it’s clear to say they must have had one big New Years Eve bash the night before! One thing I learn’t pretty quickly is that everything changes on a bank holiday and a weekend, most […]

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A few weeks ago I stepped off at Waterloo Station to meet with the The English Bus Company. A small fleet of just two buses. Although ‘bus’ doesn’t really do it justice. More of a luxurious mini-coach, seating around 25 people. I was heading into the country with Viator for a day of English History, […]

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Suddenly finding yourself single can often leave you reaching desperately for the Ben and Jerry’s, in front of Love Actually, The Notebook or anything with a scantily clad Ryan Gosling, wondering where things went wrong. But after the chocolate fix and the support of loved ones you dust yourself off and have that moment of realisation, you now answer only to yourself. It’s your […]