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For us Southerners I think sometimes it’s easy to forget the quaint underrated towns that lie North of the capital, it’s easy to get waylaid flitting between the Cornish coast and the big smoke. I can’t believe that this was my first visit to this medieval city. The dreaded drive wasn’t even as bad as […]

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In less than a week I head to the beautiful city of York; according to BING the ‘Most’ beautiful city in the whole of the UK. Having never been I’ve only got my imagination and pictures from endless travel guides to paint some kind of picture of what I am to expect. There’s something I find so […]

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Suddenly finding yourself single can often leave you reaching desperately for the Ben and Jerry’s, in front of Love Actually, The Notebook or anything with a scantily clad Ryan Gosling, wondering where things went wrong. But after the chocolate fix and the support of loved ones you dust yourself off and have that moment of realisation, you now answer only to yourself. It’s your […]

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Hotel: Hotel U Raka, Prague Date: Sunday 28th June-Tuesday 30th June 2015 Room: Classic Double Room Overview Hidden in the backstreets of of the old Prague Castle was our charming accommodation for the few days we were exploring. We were shown to our hotel by the useful Travelove Guidebook and loved the excitement of winding down the cobbled […]

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Prague. A city abundant with surprise and mystery. Perhaps one of its most charming features, is that it is an ideal location for long or short stay trips. If you only have a few days to spare, Prague is an ideal destination for a quick getaway, or, if you have longer, it is easy to […]

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Rome. A city saturated in over 3000 years of rich history and overflowing with culture. It attracts everyone from the lonesome back-packer to the adventurous family. Yet the Eternal City is also well known as a paradise for lovers to immerse themselves in the excitement of Italian life. It begs the question; what makes a place romantic? Is […]