Rock-Up Adventure


We love to get outdoors with the children as much as possible but sometimes its worth spending a little money and taking them somewhere to really let off steam. We made the most of our Easter holidays and decided to try Rock-Up in Whitley to get everyone active, encourage the children to step out of their comfort zones and to try something we can all do together. Its great at making rock climbing accessible to absolutely everyone and in all weather.


There are moving parts on the walls, speed climbs, inflatable climbs and a drop slide! With 26 climbs to attempt, a café and soft play for little ones, the whole family are guaranteed to be entertained.



We turned up 30 minutes early and had a full safety briefing and harness fitting with one of team. They were great at putting our minds at rest and teaching the children (as young as 5yrs) how to clip and un-clip off the walls. They have recently installed a new clip system which allows climbers to clip and un-clip themselves without the need to wait for assistance. It means that no one can ‘clip-in’ wrong and they can’t climb until it’s all secure – a huge security for us knowing that the children can go off climbing safely with or without us! Following that we were let lose in the climbing arena with 26 different climbs to attempt in 1 hour.



The hour long session was the perfect amount of time considering that even after 15 minutes I was starting to feel the burn in my arms! Plus the kids were slowly getting tired and were ready to hit the soft play to cool down after all the climbing. Before our time was up I couldn’t resist the ‘speed climb’ and to find out what my time would be. Although the children had a fantastic time I think Sean and I could’ve stayed there all day – and we will certainly be heading back there soon! Book your session HERE!!


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