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It’s easy to plan a trip to London and be completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of places to visit and things to do. I hope from this post you can gain some kind of control and perspective on your planning and guide you to what you’re able to fit into a weekend in the city. Be advised this is for those looking for just a little luxury when they visit.

Last weekend we travelled up to London and checked into our luxury apartment in West Kensington, courtesy of FG Property Management. Upon arrival at the London offices we were given an information pack with directions and the keys to our accommodation. After a short walk we pulled up outside a beautiful Kensington town house – our home for the next few nights. This two bedroom apartment was extremely clean, well decorated and fitted with everything we needed for our stay. The location was by far the biggest draw of the place, a 4 minute walk to the West Kensington tube stop and only 15 minutes into Westminster on the district line. For the full accommodation review please check back next week!




Later that evening I was pleasantly surprised to find the Ambassadors theatre to be refreshingly cosy and quaint. Stomp has been playing now for 13 years to millions of people, it really is something else and a total contrast to your usual musical. The 8 cast members have so much skill and talent you spend your entire evening on the edge of your seat. You feel like something must go wrong…but it never does, either that or they hide it very, very well. This show is for everyone and anyone, but I would definitely suggest it’s a great show for people that maybe aren’t big theatre goers. I am tempted to go over it in detail but I don’t wish to spoil it, just be warned that you will be privy to a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm, and power. You will feel like jumping up and getting involved….and that’s coming from someone who would rather pull out my own hair that get up on stage in front of others. A little too much?! Well you get it….its fantastic!

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The following morning, after a great sightseeing jog around Kensington, we headed over to the beautiful Chuan Spa at The Langham London Hotel. Just upon entering the building you suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The facilities speak for themselves but I must mention the good size swimming pool, unlike a lot of spa swimming pools it’s perfect for a few lengths and we loved the Salt Sauna for sweating out all that work in the gym! I would absolutely recommend you start with the swimming pool, followed by warming up on the hot stone beds, and then enjoying the hot bath. By hot bath, I mean a HOT bath. Then to finish you can choose from the Salt Sauna, general sauna and/or the steam room. All of this of course is aliongside an extensive treatment list witht he lovely spa ladies, be sure to grab one of their many massages before you leave! Don’t worry if you are then heading out for the day in London as the changing rooms truly have everything you need to make yourself look beautiful! Luxury toiletries, soft bath towels and robes are readily available, not forgetting the all important GHD straighteners! Everyone is well catered for at The Chuan Spa!





After a very relaxing morning it seemed almost too good to arrive at the modern Conrad St James Hotel to taste their ‘Summer In The City’ Afternoon Tea. Inspired by all things Summer and British we were treated to coconut scones, mini prawn cocktails, a jelly tequila sunrise and so much more. One highlight had to be the flowing Mumm champagne. The lobby and lounge itself were decorated to a very high standard and the mix of colours and textures through out the furnishings were right on target, not to mention stunning floral displays all the the way through. The staff were extremely attentive and at no point did we feel rushed or hurried through our tea. It’s a hugely delectable few hours and very reasonably priced, I will surely be going again. On another note – check out the incredible bathrooms!!




We arrived at the impressive structure that is the London Eye just as the sky started to hit that dusky state at around 8pm.  After queuing for around 15 minutes (it’s worth a fast pass!) we were quickly jumping aboard the moving bubble. It’s a little faster than we expected but you get a full 30 minutes offering unparalleled views of London. With each pod having designated photography spots so you can ‘try’ and get your chance to snap the amazing views of The Thames, Parliament and the London skyline. When you exit the bubble with just as much haste as you sprinted on, be sure to use your tickets and check out the 4D experience across the courtyard.



On my final gloriously sunny day in London I headed over to Kensington Palace to explore the extensive gardens and fashion expedition. Home to members of the royal family since 1689 the public part of the palace is sectioned in to different quarters, such as the Presence Chamber, the Council Chamber and the Kings Gallery. One of my favourite parts of the palace was the Kings Staircase, an extremely grand staircase that women in fine silk dresses would ascend and make their grand entrance to any royal party. These days the palace is split in two, the public areas with the historic state apartments and the private wing with apartments for current members of the royal family. The other area that totally caught my fascination was the fashion gallery, royal fashion through the ages right from the 1600s to dresses from her majesty Queen Elizabeth, the late Diana and some pieces from the Duchess of Cambridge, It’s definitely worth a visit and is quite reasonable at £17.50 for an adult ticket. *If you buy them online it’s £16.40.




The worst thing you can do is try and cram every attraction, restaurant and musical into a few days. You are far better off picking a few things and then allowing some time to soak up the atmosphere and culture that London exudes around every street corner. If you heed this advice you can’t go wrong and it your trip will just leave you wanting more….


* Check back soon for a full review of FG Property Management’s Luxury Apartments.



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