Herbal Papaya


I had the pleasure of testing out some of Herbal Papaya’s delicious products and I am so excited to share it with you all! Herbal Papaya, founded in 2011, is the #1 manufacturer of Papaya Health and Wellness products all aimed at supporting a healthy living and having a positive impact on the world. I was completely touched by its founder’s story, Dr. Unoma Okorafor, a native of Nigeria, West Africa.


Dr. Okorafor launched a personal journey to find papaya products to support her health during pregnancy. Having been raised on fresh organic papayas, just off the trees in her native country, she was shocked to discover the extreme difference between the non-gmo papaya she was raised on, and the gmo papaya varieties abundant in stores in the U.S.A. The US started modifying Papaya’s in the 1970s after a disease in Hawaii almost wiped them all out. Yet Dr Okorafor knew the organic health benefits of the natural Papaya and discovered this was completely unavailable in the Western World and that’s were the Herbal Papaya journey began!


Herbal Papaya is 100% run and owned by women with 10% of profits going straight to girls education in Africa, so before even trying this product I was totally on board with their ethics and way of thinking. I just hoped I liked the product as much as I did the people behind it all!

So far I have tried a variety of smoothies and some of Herbal Papaya’s Teas. Although it has only been a short period of time if there is anything I have noticed it is my energy levels, not forgetting to mention the flavour the papaya extract adds to a smoothie or snack. So here are my favourites and I recommend you all get online now to order yours, it’s delicious!

Banana, Mango & Papaya Smoothie – This was a really filling smoothie that I added Protein whey and Papaya Extract to. It could easily be used as a meal replacement or as a small mid-morning fuel stop!



Red Berry Smoothie – This smoothie was absolutely delicious and super refreshing, especially in the 30 degree heat we have been experiencing! Perfect to accompany some alfresco dining…


Papaya & Roibos Herbal Tea - This tea was surprisingly full of flavour and extremely hydrating, ideal to sip whilst reading my new issue of Cosmo Magazine!

Next up I’ll be testing out a Cocao, Coconut & Papaya Energy Bite, perfect for stopping me from snacking on all the wrong things, especially on a long night shift or whilst travelling! Keep an eye out for the details on Facebook soon. If you can’t wait till then check below for Papaya nutritional information and where you can get your stash!!

HERBAL PAPAYA – https://www.herbalpapaya.com/
Nutrients in Papaya
1.00 each (304.00 grams)
Nutrient %Daily Value
vitamin C 313.1%
vitamin A 66.5%
folate 28.8%
potassium 22.3%
fiber 21.8%
vitamin E 11.1%
vitamin K 9.8%
Calories (118) 6%


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