Final Stage – The Third Trimester

Carb-Loading at Basecamp Wales

I sit here, feet up, surrounded by two empty bowls of cereal and a couple of musty damp flannels (cravings in full swing), wondering how I have now hit my 3rd Trimester. This has already felt like the longest pregnancy, having found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and knowing deep down that I was from the word go it has dragged like no other! My Crohns flared up straight away, followed by a bout of C-Difficile, then the little tyke sucked out every bit of iron I had and made me rather Anaemic causing the worst Restless Legs Syndrome I have every experienced and 3 weeks of zero sleep. Oh yes, I also now have another infection, yet to be diagnosed, causing at times incapacitating pain….I guess it feels a little like an episode of ER in our house at the moment.

Bump’s first festival – Common People

However, I am determined to make the most of the rest of this pregnancy and use every pain-free second to get out and do something. So here’s my 3rd Trimester Line Up!

Snowdon & Brecon (30 weeks)

I’ve had many strange looks over this one, and I can’t blame anyone after how ill I have been so far. Do you know that feeling when you’ve been really ill and suddenly you want to go and run through the Austrian hillside singing ‘The hills are alive’?? Well that’s where I am now. I’m so tired of being ill and although I still have some pretty bad days I’m determined to make the most of summer time, the great outdoors and those precious moments of feeling 75% normal again.

pyg lizzy

As I write this we have just returned from North Wales and I am very pleased to announce that we made it up and back in one piece. Taking the Pyg Track to the summit and the Minors Track back down the 6 hour climb was a strong challenge for both of us, more so for my partner having to drag his 30 week pregnant whale of a girlfriend up a mountain! I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone make time to go to North Wales and Snowdon at least once, its really unlike any scenery we are used to down in the South and we can’t wait to go back! 

For full details check out the blog in a few days!

Beginning the adventure...

The Baby Shower (32 weeks)

A much less challenging achievement will be to actually feel well enough to enjoy my own baby-shower, organised by my sister (god help me) I look forward to being joined by lots of friends and family as we play ridiculous games, eat way too much sugar, and celebrate the impending arrival of my little boy.


Family Camping Trip (33 weeks)

Do you fancy camping on an airbed at 33 weeks pregnant? I reckon if I did a poll the general consensus would be ‘hell no’. However, we find ourselves with 5 days together as a family, uninterrupted, before school starts again – so naturally we must make the most of it. Being so spontaneous you can imagine that almost everything (reasonably priced) is booked and all we are left with is the option of camping. Now don’t get me wrong, I love camping, but getting up and out of that camp bed will be just about as challenging as Snowdon was! So at the end of August we take the drive down to St Austell in Cornwall to a gorgeous little farm campsite surrounded by beach coves just perfect for rock-pooling, crabbing and devouring some fish & chips. We are hoping to take out a couple of double kayaks and introduce the kids to some sea-kayaking, weather permitting, but luckily that should be the most challenging task of the 5 days. For the rest I intend to simply relax….and eat a ton of pasties!


Antenatal Class (33 weeks)

I will spend this course recovering from our camping trip and the pillow we take with us will no doubt be extremely useful when I start nodding off. Covering everything from ‘How an unborn baby grows’ (bit late for that), to giving birth, to caring for the child it’ll certainly be a packed 6 hour course. I know for sure that I will on many occasions put the nappy on the wrong way round, probably sing an inappropriate pop song to get it to sleep and not have a clue what it wants when he is screaming down the house – so any advice and course is for me! Is it bad that I’m probably more excited about the free refreshments during the course, than the topic itself?!


Baby-moon (34 weeks)

Finally! Here’s a trip that I can relax on, child free, mountain climbing free, camp-bed free and a couple of days to recuperate from the previous camping trip! My partner and I have 4 nights off work together which is a rarity in itself so we intend on taking a child-free mini break before the baby arrives. Open to suggestions! It’ll be organised last minute so that I can make sure I feel well enough…comment below if you have any ideas!


Final Mini-Break (38 weeks)

I may just take my hospital notes on this one?! A little late in the day but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to take a mini-break to one of my favourite places in Cornwall – Newquay. Testing out Fords new Fiesta, released this summer we take a road trip down to Cornwall to soak up the last of the British sunshine, surf (I use that term loosely) a couple of waves and again get my fill of Cornish pasties. This time it’ll be a nice little hotel to relax in whilst we explore the countryside and visit my favourite spots like Lusty Glaze, a beautiful beach cove restaurant. It’ll be the perfect chance to fill up on my favourite foods before I don’t have the excuse of eating for two….Watch out for the blog!

lusty glaze

New Ford Fiesta Revealed!
New Ford Fiesta Revealed!

1 year Anniversary (39 weeks)

Lastly, Sean & I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary – well unless the boy makes an early appearance, then it’ll be forgotten! Totally open to some ideas, have tried googling ‘anniversary date night when 39 weeks pregnant’ – funnily enough it didn’t offer much help. I am under no illusion that by this point I will just be happy to sleep undisturbed for more than 1 hour, or sit in one position comfortably long enough to watch a movie right through – so I’m not expecting an all singing and all dancing night of celebration. Any suggestions welcome!

s & l

Maternity Leave!! (39 weeks)

I can barely believe the time will have come to be leaving work for a while, but nothing can hide my excitement for what adventure we are about the embark on. I cannot wait for all the adventures, travel, and fun that this little bundle will bring. He will quickly become a huge part of the blog, and although I have no intention of being one of those mums that posts 10 times a minute about how my child is such a genius – he will of course be tagging along on a lot of trips and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.



  • Didn’t know you were expecting! Congratulations! Wonderful news. <3

    • It’s been a bit of a blur but very exciting. Thank you! Hope you both are well x

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