The Eternal City

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Cobbled streets in Rome
Cobbled streets in Rome

Rome. A city saturated in over 3000 years of rich history and overflowing with culture. It attracts everyone from the lonesome back-packer to the adventurous family. Yet the Eternal City is also well known as a paradise for lovers to immerse themselves in the excitement of Italian life. It begs the question; what makes a place romantic? Is it the kiss had whilst the Eiffel Tower lights up the Parisian sky? Or could it be Ice-skating in New York, amidst the Christmas lights below the Rockefeller Centre? A nice gesture, yes, but this kind of calculated-seduction stands apart from the natural romance of Rome. It’s the beautiful weather, food and scenery mixed with good-hearted locals that ignites a free and spontaneous spirit inside all who visit. The feeling of letting go inspires jumping in to the nearest fountain like La Dolce Vita, or dancing to the violinist as he serenades audiences seated around cobbled street cafes, eating their Bruchetta al Pomodoro. Perhaps most importantly, it’s wanting to share these experiences with someone else.

There is no off-season in Rome; it has something to offer all year round. The Mediterranean climate makes it worth a visit any time of year, although May through to August can be extremely hot and will see most locals escaping to the coast. The glorious weather does mean that you can enjoy some of the best food and drink whilst soaking up the last summer rays, whether it is the divine Gelato from the food market or cocktails on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Raphael. With wine often served in a carafe at a reasonable price, the taste of fresh seafood brought in everyday from Terracina is the perfect combination. A local secret boasting some of the best Roman-style thin-crust pizza is a small inexpensive restaurant called Da Remo. It can get busy after 8 o’clock, so be sure to obtain some outdoor seating before the sun sets. If you fancy something a little more up-market then try the Hotel Forum for some outstanding swordfish. Here you pay for the view as well as the food, but on any occasion it’s worth it!

Food market in The Ghetto
Food market in The Ghetto

If it’s picturesque views you are looking for then stroll hand in hand along The Aventine Hill. This lofty and cool outing is a refreshing break from the still heat that most cities suffer from in the summer months. With a panoramic view of ancient Rome it certainly won’t disappoint. The stunning architecture spills out across the horizon before you, giving you a chance to map out your next adventure. As the sun lowers slowly in the sky, make your way to Piazza Navona, famous for Barbarini’s Fountain, but also for the talented artists that set up in the square and street performers that offer some light entertainment before dinner. For a truly romantic evening head to the Trevi Fountain at night, best seen when its blue crystal waters are lit under moonlight. Enjoy the view of powerful statues hugging the outside of the stone wall as they cast shadows across the square. The electric atmosphere is filled with a steady hum of bustling restaurants, enticing smells, and ladies being handed red roses. If you crave something a little more tranquil, visit the more modest Piazza Mattei and the elegant Fontana delle Tartarughe (The Turtle Fountain), rumored to have been built overnight around the year 1580 in order for a Duke to win the heart of the girl he wished to marry.

When visiting the enchanting city of Rome simply pick a few things that are a must-see and take your time to soak up the old and the new. Trying to cram every tourist hotspot into a short space of time will leave you exhausted, so to ensure that you’ll visit the City of Love once more, follow the magical coin-throwing tradition in the Fontana de Trevi, and your wish may well come true.

River Tiber
River Tiber


  • Great info and great website.
    Keep the good work !

  • I last visited Rome way back in the early 70’s! My return visit is long overdue so on reading this I will move it up my list of priorities. Thank you for an
    excellent reminder.

    • Glad it was a good reminder – it’s so worth a visit and extremely reasonable flights from London!

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