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I decided, by some stretch of the imagination, that it would be a great idea to go camping at 33 weeks pregnant. I don’t mean a nice caravan trip, glamping experience or VW retro vacation – I mean real camping. A teeny, tiny tent, a couple of gas stoves, a dodgy airbed and a 7 minute trek to the toilet block (the amount of times I had to go to the toilet meant it was essential I timed the journey!).

Treveague Farm – 33 weeks!

Now don’t get me wrong, with the bank holiday heat wave it made all the above totally bearable, I didn’t even mind the sun burn and the subsequent peeling of the shoulders. We decided that our last minute Cornish break away before the kids went back to school was the ideal time to relax and enjoy some ‘back to nature’ time. Amongst holding jelly fish, cooking too much pasta, erecting wind breaks and lugging body boards to and from the beaches there wasn’t a lot of time to relax but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

It was the best feeling, wondering along the beach (waddling more like) whilst watching the kid’s body boarding and jumping the surf. The weather for the first 3 days was idyllic, beautifully warm and perfect for spending the entire day in swimmers. The influx of jellyfish didn’t even stop them in their tracks as they covered miles running around the beach or in and out of the water.

Hemmick Beach

We are all foodies and it wasn’t long before we made the most of Cornwall, devouring Traditional Cornish Pasties, savouring local fish and chips by the bay and even tasting some freshly court crab down by the harbour. When we weren’t gorging ourselves on local seafood and specialities we were cooking up proper camping food, spicy chilli con carne, pasta dishes and of course the standard fry up – a challenge with only 2 stoves and 1 saucepan, but believe it or not it was doable!

Treveague Farm

Our little farm campsite, Treveague Farm, was located in Gorran Haven, a small fishing harbour town about a 15 minutes’ drive from St Austell. The staff were truly welcoming right from the start, and with warm showers, small play areas and 3 beach coves a mere 20 minutes away by foot we were spoilt for things to do and made the most of every second the sun was shining. The last day did bring with it a rather large downpour which unfortunately put an end to our sunny streak, but even then the kids were sad to be leaving and would’ve stayed through Christmas if they had a choice!

Gorran Haven Habour
Gorran Haven Habour

I highly recommend this family friendly campsite, standard & electric hook-ups available, areas for tents and caravans and I can’t forget to mention the on-site Secret Garden Café – which will even deliver to your tent! They also run a few intimate events throughout the week and we were tempted by the children’s outdoor movie night which includes a meal for them and a little quiet break for us! We didn’t end up having the chance to make the most of this service but it was a refreshing change from the usual gordy kid’s discos that some sites run every night. Even the locals rave about the simple but well thought out menu and it’s certainly an established place to eat within the community…

Hemmick Beach Climbing @TheTrailWhale



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