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Having had such a good experience camping in Cornwall I decided that maybe we could squeeze in another mad outdoor mini break. 1 extra week pregnant (34 weeks by this point) wasn’t going to make any difference was it? Oh how I could be so wrong. We headed to the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, just a nice two night mini-break for myself and my boyfriend – no kids! The nippy three hour drive there was an absolute dream compared to the long slog down to Cornwall, although I have no doubt that the absence of ‘are we there yet?’ made a huge difference to the length of this journey!


Arriving at Grawen Camping & Caravan Park it was actually less equipped that Traveague Farm, despite advertising otherwise. The toilet/shower block was a little outdated, building work near the tent meant a rather noisy start each day and the fact that when we arrived it was borderline empty made for a rather eerie atmosphere. That being said the lady on reception was friendly, it was quite reasonably priced and they were very helpful at re-freezing our ice blocks – it was ok.

He couldn't resist...
He couldn’t resist…

We had a beautiful first day setting up camp and heading over to start our waterfall trek. My boyfriend’s bucket list has always had ‘walk behind a waterfall’, and like many others he didn’t think it would be something he could tick off so close to home. The stunning Sgwd Yr Eira is named Snowy Falls due to the snow-like curtain that pours from high on the cliff and the natural erosion process has generously left a solid pathway behind the falls so you can get a totally different view of the River Hepste. Little did I know the trek to get to this natural beauty was by no means easy. After Sean had parked up and then attempted another free climb of some vertical rock face I finally got him en route to Snowy Falls, thinking it was a mere 20 minute walk from the car. An hour and a half later, after a lot of uphill, water stops and about 6 toilet breaks (thank goodness for lots of bushes) we arrived.


I’m pleased to say it was well worth the struggle. The stunning natural feature just appeared as we made a slight descent through the trees, you could instantly feel the cool spray of river water in the air. Before I knew what was what Sean had stripped down to his boxers and was wading straight into the water. His face said it all. Freezing! If I didn’t currently resemble a blue whale then I would’ve followed him straight in, but the tourist groups really didn’t need to see that after their lunch. So we took a few snaps, and enjoyed the cool mist before making the long trip back to the car. The evening was filled with sunset selfies, card games, spag bol and discussing all the things we can’t wait to do with the new addition to our family. This baby needs to have his own list – Things to do before I start school!

34 weeks!
34 weeks!

Regretfully we awoke that night to a country-wide rain storm and gale force winds – somewhat reminding me of our trip to Snowdon. When I realised there was water coming into our tent I had to draw the line at the 4 hour Pen Y Fan hike that we had planned that day. Enough was enough and it was time to call it a day with camping – well at least until the little lump is a few months old. We will no doubt be back before we know it, Wales is full of surprises and we just can’t get enough!

Free-climbing near the falls...
Free-climbing near the falls…

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  • The waterfall looks beautiful. Camping does have challenges, and much respect that you were tenting. Always so much more an adventure. :)

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