Why Bare Minerals Is THE Make-up To Take Travelling!

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I started using mineral based make-up first in Australia. I’d never been too strict with my make-up regime but do need a little as unfortunately I can’t quite pull off the ‘au naturel’ look that some can. I was walking through a Mall in Brisbane when I was stopped by those annoying people trying to sell you stuff – luckily this time I gave in. I was given a makeover with MicaBella (an American mineral based product) and ended up buying a foundation and bronzer. It was a pretty impulsive buy for me and I wasn’t even sure at that point if it was worth it.5

1However, for the first time I didn’t feel like I was sweating off my make-up whilst walking around in 38 degree heat. If fact it didn’t even smudge, look worn or really change at all. I am also quite used to doing my make-up first thing in the morning, and then having to almost re-do the whole regime early evening before I go out. Not only does that take time, I end up going through make-up far too quickly.

When I returned to England I needed to find an alternative and there was no way in hell I was going back to my usual liquid foundation ever again! I went to my local department store and found Bare Minerals – its heaven!2

Bare Minerals

Not only does it give you an overall better coverage (I think), it looks extremely natural. To top that, it’s actually quite good for you, they aim to energize, nourish and renew your skin when applied. Its formula actually promotes and increases cell turnover to give your skin a fresh younger look. Also, there is sun care protection within most of the foundations and best of all its breathable, easy to blend and not too heavy on your skin.

I have since never been without it. I can confidently swim in the ocean, zip-line through the rainforest or ski down a mountain and have confidence that I will still look natural and healthy. I know that it’ll also last through to the evening, and as if that wasn’t enough my skin feels fresh and soft all the time thanks to the rejuvenation formula it holds. Get some now for your next trip!


–          Lasts all day (even in extreme heat/bad weather)

–          Product can last 4/6 months if used once a day

–          UV protection

–          Value for money

–          A confident natural look

–          No more blemishes!

*Miss Barlow Recommends – BareMineral MATTE SPF15 Foundation @ £253

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