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I have had numerous emails from my readers asking ‘Where have you gone?’ and ‘We haven’t heard much, what are you up to?’. It was quite amazing to know that people genuinely did read my blog and more importantly noticed when I suddenly went a little quiet. In all honesty I had no intention to stop blogging but I think after a few weeks and a lack of motivation I realised I needed a break, a few months to rejuvenate!

Blogging is full-time, its a lifestyle and nothing in your life is private. I just wanted to explore and see the world without seeing it through my iPhone, whilst deciding if it needs a filter before putting it straight on Instagram. I wanted to eat my food hot rather than sit and take endless photos on three different cameras when visiting new restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and showing others just whats out there, but like any other 9 to 5 everyone needs a holiday! You need time to make new friends, have spontaneous adventures, break hearts, try new things and fall in love.

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I thought that I’d be Elizabeth out of Eat, Pray, Love and I’d go to the depths of the outback and find myself. However, if I’ve learnt anything, despite having a hell of a lot of fun, I didn’t ‘find myself’ hiding behind any ant hills or swimming around with crayfish and great white sharks – in fact I didn’t find myself anywhere. One can’t simply up and leave to find themselves, they might find happiness or romance or adventure, but finding yourself doesn’t come from running away.

Family time!


I returned home late last night to regroup and plan my next adventure, whether it be in the UK or abroad, who knows! All I can say is after four flights, 3 countries a deep-fried chickens head and a total of 64 hours I am safely and happily home.

Next week sees me ‘poshing it up’ at the Al Shaqab Lockinge Race Day in Newbury hoping to win big, and the end of May brings with it Common People. For the second year this awesome festival takes over the Southampton Common and I’ll be bringing you the latest. Thanks to all those following me so far and I hope you continue to do so!

Miss Barlow x

New friends!


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