All-New Ford Fiesta


Last weekend I had the pleasure of test driving the all-new 2017 Ford Fiesta, courtesy of Keith Motors in Christchurch. When they approached me I actually was pretty surprised, it’s not really like anything I have ever done before and although I love cars I’m certainly no expert. However, Keith Motors explained that they were looking for real reviews from real people, and in our case – a family of four. We were able to truly test out the capacity of the new model and see if it was suitable for a family.

Keith Motors – Christchurch

We set off on a family mini-break to Newquay to stay at the beautiful Sands Resort Hotel & Spa and although I will be posting a separate post about the hotel I can’t stress enough how incredibly family friendly it was. It was all the luxury of a spa resort but with plenty for children and none of the tacky-entertainment that you get with some resorts. Check back soon for our Newquay adventure post.

Sands Resort Hotel & Spa

The first thing we loved about the new Fiesta was the ‘key-less system’, starting the car with the simple touch of a button was unknown to us but extremely easy. We also loved the ‘lane-assist’ feature, automatically correcting us if we were ever slightly swaying to one side of the lane, and of course the cruise control was a must on a long family trip. The first thing that the children raved about – bar the shiny paint of it being a new car – was the ‘assisted parking’. They were blown away when the car parked itself very smoothly into a parallel space in the centre of the Cornish town. If I’m honest, I was also a huge fan of this, parallel parking was never my forte!

Assisted Parking

The hi-tech display system installed in the new model was ideal for a smooth 4 hour journey to Newquay, kitted out with navigation, audio options and mobile apps for extra entertainment. Not to mention it was great being able to hook your phone straight up through Bluetooth and make calls to any of the contacts just through voice control. We were pleasantly surprised with how spacious it felt as well. A family of four, two bulky children’s car seats, lots of luggage and of course a 38 week pregnant lady all comfortably travelling inside. The kids found it easy to doze off in the back after the initial excitement had worn off and we had exhausted the Disney playlist through the easy-peasy iPhone connection. Once we hit the small Cornish villages it was great to test out the ‘Eco-mode’, ideal when you aren’t travelling faster than 30-40mph to conserve petrol and save the old planet!

Cruise control

Lastly, we were really impressed with the size of the boot, it had four-peoples worth of luggage and a hospital bag – just in case this baby decided to make an early appearance and yet we still were left with ample space. Being so heavily pregnant at the moment, everything is all about ‘comfort’ right now. The seats were super comfortable which was perfect for the long drive and I had plenty of leg room to relax when I wasn’t driving.

The School Run!

Thanks again to Keith Motors for letting us test drive the All-New Ford Fiesta and experience everything it has to offer! Fancy a new car? Go straight to Keith Motors, they were super helpful with all aspects of showing us the car and were always on hand to answer any questions!






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