A Weekend In Athens

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Landing in Athens was like landing in a movie set or TV series such as Spartacus. The history that steeps the rolling hills can’t hide what this grand city was like all those years ago.

Anyone who doesn’t visit the obvious historic sites is a fool, these wonders of the world won’t last forever and many will never see them in a lifetime. Visiting the ‘The Acropolis’ is a must as it hosts the famous Parthenon, completed in 438 BC, it’s the first thing you see when landing into Athens. For a mere 12 euros and a short, but steep, walk to the top it’s well worth every penny. If you fancy a different view, then trek up to the top of Mount Lycabettus, being 277 metres above sea level you really won’t have a better photo opportunity than that!

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For catching a few rays you have plenty of options with the beaches only being a short train ride towards the coast. Why not grab a boat for the day and charter one of Incrediblue’s beautiful catamarans, not only perfect for tanning but a great way to see the rest of the coastline in just half a day! If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, then I must recommend you head to Lake Vouligameni. With an entry fee of just 9 euros and only 25 minutes south of Athens you won’t regret heading to this natural spa. Perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear waters, but watch out for the free fish pedicure when dangling your feet into the lake!


If the beaches and history aren’t enough to grab your attention, then the food will certainly do the trick. Forget those dodgy kebabs lining the streets of England awaiting your next drunken adventure – the gyros here are unbelievable, all served with fresh red onion, plump Mediterranean tomatoes, a side of fries and of course tzatziki! We then have Spanakopita, a local delicacy and translated as a Spinach Pastry. A divine mixture of spinach, feta, onion and egg, layered with filo pastry, and a must have when visiting any part of Greece on your holiday.

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Getting to and around Greece is super easy with well-connected train links and extremely friendly locals. The accommodation options are endless with stunning boutique hotels, white walled villas and hidden, intimate hostels. Who wouldn’t want to travel here?

Fancy immersing yourself into this ancient city or maybe you’d prefer to island hop these sun-drenched parts of the world? If so, you know what to do!


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