A Mumma’s Christmas Wish List


With a winter birthday I am constantly asked ‘What do you need?’ or ‘What do you want?’ over the Christmas period. The truth is once you’re a mum your priorities are naturally completely different. Any money we have left over we are looking at the Kids section in Next or paying for the new top toy on the market, any gift vouchers are consumed before I have a chance to think about myself. You almost feel guilty for wanting anything for yourself, so here is a list of things that lots of Mumma’s would love. This mixture of reasonably priced gifts will ensure that you are guilt-free this Christmas.

1. The Teething Necklace - £12.00

t necklace

This was one of my birthday wishes, although my little one isn’t quite yet teething – he is grabbing! Grabbing my hair, my earrings and necklaces – whatever he can get his hands on. The BPA Free teething necklace is ideal, they come in a variety of colours, they can use them when they are teething and if pulled they simply unclip and you don’t get strangled! Not forgetting it’s just nice sometimes to wear jewellery….so worth every penny!

2. Perfume – (Chance, Chanel - £46.80)


Perfume is always a firm favourite for any woman. It has a way of making you feel that extra special when leaving the house. Chance by Chanel has always been my choice, such an incredible fragrance and currently on special in Debenhams. Everyone has their own scent and for a mum (especially a new mum) it’s hard sometimes to feel nice about yourselves having gone through such a huge body change, so find out what she wants – it’s always a winner!

3. The Boss T-Shirt £30.00

the boss

Which Mum isn’t the boss in her household?! A perfect gift for the fun Mum who has everyone organized. The open neckline Bella Flowy simple t-shirt is the right mix of style and casual comfort that’s perfect for fashionable or everyday activities.

4. The Footprint – £7.00


I had Wilf’s 6 week footprints done by his lovely lady who runs PipsPots. A mobile pottery business she can come to you for all your Christmas gift needs and why not throw a pottery party?

5. Elvive Extraordinary Oil – £10.00

extra oil

I started using this just after I gave birth to my little boy. As mentioned above it’s hard to feel good about yourself sometimes – especially with the old hormones flying about, so take time for yourself and take care of your hair. Try this product; enriched with a precious blend of 6 flower extracts the non-greasy feel formula leaves hair looking soft, shiny and weightless – you won’t regret it!

6. The Unmumsy Mum Diary – £10.39


I actually read this whilst I was pregnant, but any Mumma out there will relate to this witty author and her daily struggles. A great read and a great gift for any real woman.

7. Photo Diary – DIY


I was given this for my birthday recently and it was without a doubt one of the best presents. They can be bought or they can be made, either way you will cherish it forever. My particular Hanging Photo timeline was from our first baby scan all the way up until Wilfred was 2 weeks old with a variety of gorgeous pictures really capturing the last 10 months. Why not pull at the heart strings with this memorable gift…

8. Mumma Bear Camping Mug  (approx. £15 for set of two)


For all the adventurers out there this is a great token gift, often bought as a pair with Papa Bear they are the ultimate camping accessory for fun Mums & Dads around!

If you have any other good ideas for making a Mum’s Christmas this year then please comment below! Happy shopping…

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