5 Top Bloggers Of 2015 And Their Blogs!

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It’s always this time of year were you’ll see ’50 top bloggers of 2015’, and although I  think it’s imperative to support those around you, it’s easy to miss out just why they are so great. Below are 5 bloggers whose blogs have truly inspired me and I’m sure many others. For all sorts of reasons these people deserve a mention and I have come across them in all sorts of ways…

  • No1 has shown me that you don’t have to blog alone and it’s something you can do as a couple, it’s not all about solo travel.
  • No2 inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and swim with sharks or skydive – it just makes everything look like an adventure as opposed to being scary!
  • No3 has shown me another world of luxury travel and most importantly some incredible writing – which unfortunately isn’t always preset in some blogs.
  • No4 is about setting challenges, embarking on the trip of a lifetime and embracing life – Akuna Matata style. It means no worries….
  • No5 is about finding a story when you travel, writing about the anomaly or un-obvious and writing very damn well!

 1. The Whole World Is A Playground  – David and Elaine 

David & Elaine
David & Elaine

Discovered: At the TBEX Conference 2014 (Athens)

Blog: www.thewholeworldisaplayground.com

I was lucky enough to meet ‘The Whole World is a Playground’ at TBEX Athens (a blogging conference). Elaine and David were the sweetest people and we enjoyed sharing endless stories over lunches at the conference. Their blog is relatively new but their extensive travel and experience definitely sets them apart, this fun Irish couple have incredible adventures to share and aren’t afraid to say that they prefer the finer things in life, so are therefore ‘flashpackers’. Their blog speaks for itself however, and in 2014 alone they were shortlisted for the Cosmo Blogs Awards, Irish Blog Awards and were featured as Wanderlusts Blog of the Week. They now await the 2015 results for the UK Blog Awards held this spring in London #UKBA15. All the Best!

 2. Intrepid Escape – Scott Tisson

Scott Tisson - Agnes Water, Australia
Scott Tisson – Agnes Water, Australia

Discovered: In my hometown of Winchester, UK

Blog: www.intrepidescape.com

There are numerous reasons I follow Intrepid Escape, firstly the blog itself is extremely engaging, not just the fascinating posts but the well built website. It focuses on great photography and writing, and for me that works, when I go onto the homepage I see this huge landscape of a Fijian Island, followed shortly by a viewpoint in Ancient city of Athens – its gripping! If the photos themselves don’t capture you then read about his trip to Fraser Island, that along with his devilishly good looks will surely be enough to get your attention! As a finalist for Australia’s Best Jobs Campaign 2013 and shortlisted for Lastminute.com’s Spontaneity Champion it’s clear he has a flare for adventure and adrenaline. He is one to watch for 2015!

 3. The Travelista – Jessica Gibson

Jess Gibson - Highly Commended at Cosmo's Blog Awards, 2014
Jess Gibson – Highly Commended at Cosmo’s Blog Awards, 2014

Discovered: On Instagram – some wicked photos of luxury travel.

Blog: www.thetravelista.com

I first came across The Travelista on twitter and Instagram where she has quite the presence as a luxury travel blogger. Her work and lifestyle takes her jet setting around the world to the likes of the Monaco Grand Prix, Rome, St Nevis, Ibiza and Dubai to name a few in 2014. As Group Editor to a luxury Lifestyle magazine she has multiple opportunities to wine and dine in some of London and Dubai’s top hotels and restaurants such as The Ritz, The Shard and The Ivy. For anyone interested in blogging check out her ‘How I got into Travel Blogging’ post! Looking forward to see what The Travelista gets up to in 2015!

4. Best Life in the World – Ben Southall

Ben & Sophee in Kuala Lumpa
Ben & Sophee in Kuala Lumpa

 Discovered: ‘Best Job in the World’ Competition (Best Jobs Australia)

Blog: www.bestlifeintheworld.com

I first heard of Ben Southall when he won the ‘Best Job in the World’ as part of ‘Best Jobs, Australia. It entailed 6 months living as a wildlife caretaker on a paradise island in Australia, and as he is from my home county of Hampshire he was famous! Now the 6 month stint is over, and he has a handful of challenges under his belt, he has a new focus– ‘Best Life in the World’! His trip from Singapore to London in 1 year takes him and partner Sophee through some pretty harsh terrain and questionable countries, but what an adventure it will be! Follow their journey here on facebook.

 5. Reid On Travel – Robert Reid

Robert exploring sand-dunes in Namibia
Robert exploring sand-dunes in Namibia

Discovered: At TBEX Conference 2014 (Athens)

Blog: www.riedontravel.com

I am a keen National Geographic fan. So when I heard that I was attending a conference with guest speak Robert Reid (Nat Geo Travel Writer) I couldn’t have been more excited, and he certainly didn’t disappoint! Having previously been the Lonely Planet’s spokesperson he has a wealth of travel experience and some seriously off the wall adventures. Whether it’s touring Route 66 or counting moustaches in Siberia, Robert has done it and written about it. It’s clear that Robert has a passion for those places that don’t always get some much needed attention, he sheds light onto those places that are not always talked about and you could say he is a voice for those places unheard. See my interview with Robert here.

I know you’ll find some great reading through the above blogs and you won’t be able to get enough of their adventure travel, luxury getaways and life changing experiences. Follow them and see…

Me! - South Coast of England
Me! – South Coast of England


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