5 Best Places to Take an All Inclusive Holiday

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When you’re travelling abroad, you want to save as much money as possible but still choose a worthy destination. One of the best ways to do it is by booking an all inclusive holiday. This gives you the chance to seek the sun and save on travel all in one go. Here are five of the best places to take all inclusive holidays.


With resorts like Los Gigantes and beaches like Masca, Tenerife provides you with relaxation while leaving you in awe at nature at the same time. There’s also its famous mountain, the Teide, which you can hike up and take some fantastic photos from the top.



Take a trip to the town of Side, Turkey. They say Antony and Cleopatra used to love this spot. If it was good enough for them, then it’s certainly fine for an all inclusive holiday. The main beach is known as Sandy Beach — how can you possibly resist!



Resort towns like Faliraki make Rhodes one of the most happening islands in the world. Boasting brilliant beaches to soak up the sun on in the daytime, the resort especially comes alive at night time as visitors look to hit the clubs and dance from sunset through till sunrise. The appeal of Rhodes is also helped by the town of Lindos, with its magnificent acropolis.

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Portugal is one of the quintessential all inclusive holiday destinations, spoiling visitors with warm weather, tasty cuisine and activities that make you feel alive. The country is a blend of quaint villages like Alvor, out in the Portuguese Algarve, and cities that fuse the modern and the old like the capital, Lisbon.



But when it comes to classic all inclusive holiday destinations, Spain wins them all hands down. Classic destinations like Benidorm, which was once a quiet little fishing village, on the Costa Blanca, offer visitors a taste of Mediterranean life while still allowing them to enjoy some of the comforts of home.

An all-inclusive stay at any of these destinations is sure to make your vacation one to be remembered for years to come!

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  • Turkey and Spain are great for summer but I think that Tenerife better for winter holiday
    Thank Lizzy for sharing

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